drops, dropping, dropped
1) V-ERG If a level or amount drops or if someone or something drops it, it quickly becomes less.

[V prep/adv] Temperatures can drop to freezing at night...

[V prep/adv] Once the rate rises it never drops back to its previous level...

His blood pressure had dropped severely...

[V n] He had dropped the price of his London home by ₤1.25m.

N-COUNT: usu sing, oft N in n
Drop is also a noun.

He was prepared to take a drop in wages... The poll indicates a drop in support for the Conservatives.

2) VERB If you drop something, you accidentally let it fall.

[V n] I dropped my glasses and broke them.

3) VERB If something drops onto something else, it falls onto that thing. If something drops from somewhere, it falls from that place.

[V prep/adv] He felt hot tears dropping onto his fingers...

[V prep/adv] Burning embers started dropping from the ceiling...

[V prep/adv] His toupee dropped off, revealing his bald head.

4) V-ERG If you drop something somewhere or if it drops there, you deliberately let it fall there.

[V n prep/adv] Drop the noodles into the water...

[V n prep/adv] He dropped his plate into the sink.

[V prep/adv] ...shaped pots that simply drop into their own container...

Bombs drop round us and the floor shudders.

Derived words:
dropping N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

...the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

5) V-ERG If a person or a part of their body drops to a lower position, or if they drop a part of their body to a lower position, they move to that position, often in a tired and lifeless way.

[V prep/adv] Nancy dropped into a nearby chair...

She let her head drop...

[V n prep/adv] He dropped his hands on to his wasted, motionless legs.

6) VERB: no cont (emphasis) To drop is used in expressions such as to be about to drop and to dance until you drop to emphasize that you are exhausted and can no longer continue doing something.

She looked about to drop...

You have to run until you drop.

7) VERB If a man drops his trousers, he pulls them down, usually as a joke or to be rude.

[V n] A couple of boozy revellers dropped their trousers.

8) V-ERG If your voice drops or if you drop your voice, you speak more quietly.

[V to n] Her voice will drop to a dismissive whisper...

[V n] He dropped his voice and glanced round at the door. [Also V, V n to n]

9) VERB If you drop someone or something somewhere, you take them somewhere and leave them there, usually in a car or other vehicle.

[V n prep/adv] He dropped me outside the hotel...

[V n prep/adv] Many children had been dropped at the stadium by their parents...

[V n prep/adv] Tim had dropped the letter in earlier.

Drop off means the same as drop.

V n P prep/adv Just drop me off at the airport... V P n (not pron) He was dropping off a late birthday present.

10) VERB If you drop an idea, course of action, or habit, you do not continue with it.

[V n] He was told to drop the idea...

[V n] The prosecution was forced to drop the case...

[V n] Many nations still had not dropped sanctions against South Africa.

Derived words:
dropping N-UNCOUNT N of n

This was one of the factors that led to President Suharto's dropping of his previous objections.

11) VERB: usu passive If someone is dropped by a sports team or organization, they are no longer included in that team or employed by that organization.

[be V-ed] The country's captain was dropped from the tour party to England.

12) VERB If you drop a game or part of a game in a sports competition, you lose it.

[V n] Oremans, who has yet to drop a set, is on course for a match with Jana Novotna.

13) VERB If you drop to a lower position in a sports competition, you move to that position.

[V prep/adv] Britain has dropped from second to third place in the league.

14) N-COUNT: oft N of n A drop of a liquid is a very small amount of it shaped like a little ball. In informal English, you can also use drop when you are referring to a very small amount of something such as a drink.

...a drop of blue ink...

Add the cream a few drops at a time...

I'll have another drop of that Italian milk.

15) N-PLURAL: oft n N Drops are a kind of medicine which you put drop by drop into your ears, eyes, or nose.
16) N-COUNT: usu pl, n N Fruit or chocolate drops are small round sweets with a fruit or chocolate flavour.
17) N-COUNT: usu with supp You use drop to talk about vertical distances. For example, a thirty-foot drop is a distance of thirty feet between the top of a cliff or wall and the bottom of it.

There was a sheer drop just outside my window...

It's only a four-foot drop.

18) PHRASE: V inflects If you drop a hint, you give a hint or say something in a casual way.

If I drop a few hints he might give me a cutting.

19) PHRASE: V inflects If you want someone to drop the subject, drop it, or let it drop, you want them to stop talking about something, often because you are annoyed that they keep talking about it.

Mary Ann wished he would just drop it...

Does that mean you're going to drop the subject?

20) See also air-drop
to drop deadsee dead
at the drop of a hatsee hat
to drop someone a linesee line
a drop in the oceansee ocean
Phrasal Verbs:

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